Fireworks Safety


The grill is glowing, the cold drinks are flowing, and the kids are running around getting dirty.  This means one thing…  July 4th and fireworks!  While everyone likes a good show, many do not understand explosives and how to prevent tragic outcomes.

Q:  How do I start a large fire and make my whole community angry?
A:  Not making sure it’s safe/legal to use fireworks (check drought conditions/ordinances).
A:  Not submerging spent fireworks in a bucket of water.
A:  Lighting fireworks after too many drinks.
A:  Not having a fire extinguisher available.

Q:  How do I shoot my house or the crowd with fireworks?
A:  Not having a stable, flat area for lighting the fireworks.
A:  Not paying attention to wind direction.

Q:  How can I get or give the burn or injury of a lifetime?  
A:  Ignoring seemingly mild burns from a firework.
A:  Not carefully supervising children with sparklers.
A:  Allowing children to access or use fireworks.
A:  Not carefully supervising children with sparklers.

For more information on how to prevent flashing lights of the emergency variety from visiting your celebration, visit the CPSC’s website here.