Hi! I’m Anne Evans. Thanks for stopping by.

Someone asked, “Why crazysafetylady.com?”  There was an upset condition where nothing was working to make the situation safer.  One hair-brained idea later and things were getting back on track.  During the fix, I waded out into some brackish water that a couple guys wouldn’t get into to help get the work done.  The nickname “Crazy Safety Lady” stuck and this little act of involvement increased our program’s momentum at that location!  -Never be afraid to be hands-on and actually get dirty.

I come from a long military ancestry.  If someone in the family didn’t serve, they supported a spouse that did.  My husband, Shane, and I were dual-military and got out a month apart in 2012 (honorable 214).  -Who was going to raise our kids with a deployment schedule that wouldn’t have allowed so much as a high-five in the airport as one left and one came home?

To quote a metaphysical music philosopher, “What a long, strange trip it’s been” since we got out.  You can click my LinkedIn profile to see the Cliff’s Notes on bouncing around the country.  Right now we are in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  -Hopefully we’ll get to stay here (I finally have MY garden at MY first house).  If we don’t, we would be fortunate to end up near my husband’s childhood home (St. Helens, OR) or friends (San Antonio & Dallas, TX)

Shane and I had 2 boys of our own.  -That makes 3 boys; 16, 6, & 4.  That is quite enough; I am so done with diapers!  There is a ton of energy and discipline going on in our four walls at any given time!  We teach a lot of the things we learned growing up.  Some of these lessons seem to have been lost to the younger crowd like creative problem solving, hard work, and <gasp> gun safety.  -I would rather they know it and not need it, than the reverse!

That’s it for now.  I’ll update this as needed.